Power Apps group items in a gallery

A customer asked me to create a canvas app to register spend hours. One of the requirements was to provide an overview which is grouped by date. Nice requirement, so I tought just use the GroupBy function on the items property of the gallary control and it is done. Little did I know I had... Continue Reading →

Using List ID in Power Automate SharePoint triggers and ations

Recently I was creating a flow (Power Automation) for a customer which needed to run at the moment a page was created or modified. So I started with the trigger "When a file is created or modified (properties only)". To my surprise it was not possible to select the SitePages library in a modern Communication... Continue Reading →

SharePoint Migration Tool

SharePoint migrations seem to be of all times. At least, as long as SharePoint is around . Anyway, recently I got involved in another migration but this time without the use of common tools like Sharegate, Metalogix or AvePoint. No, this customer wanted to use the SharePoint Migration tool. This because of cost reduction. Well... Continue Reading →

External news using SharePoint search

In the SharePoint projects I work on the most commonly asked feature in an intranet is news. These are mainly news articles or announcements stored in the site itself. Related external news is usually out of scope or not easily accessible. The accessibility can easily be resolved using RSS and of course you could use... Continue Reading →

SharePoint Display template accordion

One of my customers requested a way of displaying a lot of text in a less overwhelming way. My solution was to use collapsible text using an accordion. This way the visitor can select the subject they are interested in without having to read all other content and without leaving the page. However to my... Continue Reading →

Office 365

Het nieuwe platform van Microsoft. Helemaal nieuw is het niet. Office 365 is de opvolger van het huidige BPOS (Business Productivity Online Suite). In oktober 2010 is de bèta in 13 landen gelanceerd. Vanaf vandaag is het ook in Nederland beschikbaar. Wat bevat office 365 eigenlijk, wat zijn de mogelijk en onmogelijkheden. Hier volgt een... Continue Reading →

Social Media

Social Media is Hot. Iedereen lijkt het wel te gebruiken en te doen. Maar wat is social media? En wat kan het beteken voor uw organisatie? Wat is Social Media? De meest eenvoudige manier om social media te omschrijven is door het op te splitsen. Iedereen kent het begrip “Media”, communicatiemiddelen zoals TV of krant.... Continue Reading →

SharePoint Workflows

Organisatie werken altijd aan de hand van verschillende bedrijfsprocessen. Deze processen genereren altijd een bepaalde informatiestroom. Dit bijvoorbeeld in de vorm van documenten of formulieren. Om deze informatie stromen goed te kunnen managen, kan dit in een portaal verwerkt worden welke uw informatiestromen kan ondersteunen. SharePoint beidt hiervoor prima oplossingen. Omdat onlangs SharePoint 1020 is... Continue Reading →

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